Who am I? 

I am a person-centred Transformational Life Coach.  I work together with my clients to focus on their positive talents and abilities, re-purposing any limiting beliefs or self-perceptions that are currently holding them back. 

What do I do and how do we work together? 

I create a reflective, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental space for the client to learn about themselves and find their answers by hearing themselves anew.  From the rare combination of my undivided attention, deep questioning and reflection; my clients can pause, reflect, re-purpose and re-orientate, via their own self-awareness, where they are now and discover the route forward.


How did I get here? 

There have been a number of changes along the way.  I started by studying Biochemistry and completing a PhD at Cambridge University.  During my PhD I realised that scientific research was not for me, however College life had led me to become the College Welfare Officer and run a very successful May Ball.  This led to working in global conferences and events – tight deadlines, travelling the world, becoming an expert on subjects I didn’t know about, leading effective teams and the satisfaction of seeing a finished product.  Great right?!  Yes, fantastic when you are young free and single, however as the years went by and my life changed I became disillusioned with the same old routine, no longer enjoying the travel away from my children and the increasing corporate politics and pressure as you move up in seniority within an organisation.  This started me thinking about doing something else, but I wasn’t sure at that point what that was going to be.  I decided it was time (after 21 years of experience) to push the reset button and leave the conference world.  I took some time out for me, renovated the house and undertook some mentoring at conference companies and loved it.  I decided to take this further and trained as a transformational coach.  This felt so right and what I had been heading towards my whole life.  Success in terms of striving for academic excellence or corporate dominance didn’t have to be my path any longer.  I had changed paths and truly pressed the refresh button and here I am today. 

Why now more than ever is the time to work with a coach? 

With the current uncertainty globally lots of people are at a crossroad and want to pause, reflect and reboot where they are currently in their lives. Together we can discover the route forward through and beyond this coronavirus crisis and reach the goal you are looking to achieve.

What is the first step?

Contact me for an initial no obligation  call to discuss your objectives and to explore how coaching may be able to help you. I am very flexible as to how we work together and I work with my clients in a variety of ways. Remotely via Skype, Zoom, telephone or when allowed face-to-face at my coaching space or at their workplace/preferred location. 

I typically work with clients over a number of months providing a confidential, non-judgmental space to explore what's important to them - their challenges, beliefs and to facilitate the consideration of fresh perspectives.


I provide support and accountability between sessions and provide brief notes to extend the self-reflection beyond each individual session.


I look forward to working together,

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Transformational Coaching

Pause and Reflect

Re-purpose and re-orientate

Discover the route forward