Coaching Clients Feedback






"Jane's coaching has been absolutely invaluable to me during a pivotal moment in my career. I had the good fortune to be connected with Jane soon after finding out that the company I'd been with for over 12 years was closing down operations. Navigating finding a new job and evaluating my career goals could have been an extremely overwhelming process, but working with Jane made the entire journey feel relatively stress-free. Jane helped me to delve deeper and discover what was really important to me in a new role. We uncovered multiple pathways to achieving a successful outcome and set short and long term goals to get me there. Jane is kind, patient and knows how to ask the right questions to help you to find the right answers to achieving your goals. Whether you are transitioning in your career, feeling a bit stuck or going through any of the many challenges life throws at us, I highly recommend that you try out coaching with Jane. You will not be disappointed!!" Client, Dallas


“Jane has an engaging and authentic style with a talent for building trust and rapport. She is intuitive and patient and has an uncanny ability to get to the root of the issue, whilst maintaining total focus on what I was seeking to achieve from the sessions. Her careful listening and intelligent observations illuminate what’s really going on, helping to uncover the solutions that – often to my total astonishment - were within me all along. It has been a fascinating journey and after just six sessions I feel braver, more in control and armed with the solutions to make my intentions a reality.” Client, Farnham


“I have spent 6 months working with Jane.  She is a warm, nurturing and kind person who is very easy to open up to.  Before starting my time with her, I felt a little lost & unsure as to how to refocus & move forward. I would say my mojo had slipped!  Very quickly I found myself focussing on steps to start rebuilding my future. What felt like an overwhelming huge mountain was broken down into bite sized manageable pieces.  Our sessions were uplifting & left me feeling much more energised and positive.  My progress manifested itself in many different ways: I was calmer, less tense & I wasn’t snapping unnecessarily like previous months. My family life was certainly more enjoyable.  Jane’s positive approach & kindly manner had a big impact on my life & I will continue to use her techniques & coping strategies with any challenges that are thrown at me.  I would highly recommend Jane to anybody for life coaching - from overwhelming ‘big’ problems to feeling a little lost -she is fantastic!” Client, Fleet


“My challenge was I was just coming out of having a failed round of IVF and while I had got over that, it have left me feeling like I wanted to re connect with what I had wanted to do with my life and career. I felt a bit all over the place and that the goals I had wanted and been working towards were no longer what I truly wanted. I found this challenging as I had been so sure of what I wanted out of my career.  Working through this with Jane was wonderful, I really looked forward to and enjoyed our calls and meetings. I felt like it was a time to nurture myself and was one of the only times I took time out to think about me.  From our sessions together, I gained a clearer vision for the future and reconnected with what my goals are. I felt supported to deal with challenges and changes that come up. I now feel better equipped to deal with any periods of uncertainty in the future.  I would highly recommend Jane to anyone. Jane is a lovely caring coach who you really feel is with you to succeed. She made opening up very easy and therefore the meetings were a very productive process. I feel like she could work with people with any situation for any support they need.” Client, London


“I was quite exhausted and uninspired by where I was in my life.  I was in the process of pivoting careers after a long break and struggling to find my identity.  My biggest challenge was owning my skill set and experience no matter what rejections I was getting from what felt like every aspect of my life.  I was unsure how the process would work and if it would actually work, if anyone would be able to help me get up from where I was.  However, the process with Jane has been very easy and natural.  Jane is very calming and a great listener, she is able to reflect my rambling thoughts with accuracy and hone in on what I’m actually saying.  The result is I have secured a job!  This was my main goal and Jane helped me achieve it my building my confidence and being an amazing cheerleader.  Overall I am just glad that Jane is in my life!” Client, London

When I came to Jane I was at a junction in my career, with many options lying ahead, all of which felt overwhelming. I simply couldn’t make any decisions and had become paralysed by a lack of self-belief and direction.  I decided to enlist the help of a coach, but I wasn't really sure what I needed or how they could help. However, Jane quickly helped me identify what was holding back and how I could organise my thoughts in order to simplify the whole process and recognise opportunities.Thanks to her support and practical approach, I was able gain clarity and set out short term goals, which gave me much needed head space and a far more positive attitude.  Jane also helped me identify my strengths and the areas of my business to work on and I finished her sessions feeling far lighter and more positive.  Jane was empathetic, understanding and intuitive, and I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.” Client, Brighton 

I had been struggling mentally with the challenges of bringing up two teenagers. Lockdown actually helped me to feel like I had regained control and so the thought of coming out the other side and for things to go back to normal was starting to make me anxious.

I found Jane really easy to talk to and sharing how I was feeling with someone objective was really useful. Jane was good at making me face into how I was feeling and encouraging me to see beyond my anxiety and come up with ways of controlling my emotions and regaining perspective. I now feel much more positive and better equipped to deal with the challenges that I face and I feel I am better able to control my anxiety.” Client, Leeds

I have never received any career coaching before I spoke to Jane. Like many people I was furloughed on the Government’s Job Retention Scheme; at a time of uncertainty and re-evaluation I needed some help and I am so glad I contacted Jane. 

I’ll admit I was nervous, but Jane’s friendly and supportive nature has made this journey into rebooting my career a very easy transition. At a time of uncertainty, speaking to Jane has helped me understand so much about my career path more clearly by understanding my skills and revealing my confidence. Her balance and calm has been incredible. I have felt such a surge of relief, confidence and understanding after the sessions. If you’re looking for career support, are at a crossroads, have hit a point of uncertainty or re-evaluation in your profession - do not hesitate to contact Jane, I am so pleased that I did. Thank you JaneClient, London